Heal Your Wounded Soul - Close Doors to the Devil

March 11th, 2018

Ever felt imprisoned by the negative emotions of your past? This podcast has the potential to set you totally free from the damaging effects your past emotional pain is causing on how your present and the present emotional pain your having will affect your future!! Get free and stay free. God is a God of honor and He will not access your memories and remove pain you have not asked Him to remove. Maybe you've tried before and it didn't work. This podcast (in tandem with our podcast on Binding and Loosing) will give you the tools to be totally free from the damaging effects your emotional pain (soul wounds) have on your relationships, finances, ministry, and even your present peace, joy, and state of mind. Think more clearly. Have a better sense of direction in life. Hear God's loving voice again. All this an many more things which you are craving and maybe even missing (because you used to have them) are waiting - but you need to heal your soul to see them manifest. GET FREE and learn to STAY FREE

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