Strategies for Deliverance of the Demonized

November 3rd, 2017

While we all want to be in a place in our walk with God that we can say a single word like Yeshua/Jesus did and devils leave and never return. But have you ever considered:

  • what if the person has become accustomed to the demon being there?
  • what if the person wants to be free from the torment, but isn't prepared to resist the demon?
  • what if the demon has convinced the person they are really their friend?
  • what if the person comes from a family line which followed demonic/pagan practices?

There are a number of considerations to prepare for and until we reach a place in our relationship with God that a single word brings deliverance, we need strategies to not only see the person freed, but also that they can stay free. In this podcast we discuss those strategies and much more. 

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